About me: I'm Orion Scribner (they/them). Some social media sites that I use include Dreamwidth and Mastodon. The best way to reach me is by emailing me at

About this site: I like to write nonfiction from research, make illustrations, and draw comics. This site is where I put all of this stuff that I make. One of my biggest nonfiction research projects was when I wrote a history book about the otherkin subculture. My favorite part of researching that one was getting an interlibrary loan of the microfilm archive of an indie magazine, which was the only way to find some articles made by that subculture during the 1980s. As a work of original research, my history book has since been cited by several academic articles. For my comics, I wrote and illustrated a comic about otherkin called Theri There, which was popular enough that fans have translated it into Russian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

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