This is the page where I'll put things I've created that are interactive: games, software wizards, and files that make other apps useful.
Life Timeliner,
version 1.01.02, updated 2021-01-22.

Created with Twine and JavaScript, runs in browser. A software wizard that creates a timeline of the user's real life, including science-based predictions for their future. You could also use this tool to create timelines for other people or fictional characters.

Content warning: This tool can be depressing. It lets you opt out of several specific types of upsetting content, but not mortality or climate change.
Block Many Yucky Sites,
updated 2021-05-26.

Isn't it annoying when you're searching on Google or Duckduckgo, and the top results are hate groups, conspiracy theories, phishing, and the same Pinterest post over and over? Or when you end up on a page you would rather not have touched with a ten-foot pole? This project lists more than 28,000 URLs you can paste into URL blocking browser extensions. I built the lists, not the extensions. On Firefox, I recommend the extensions uBlacklist (to block them from your search results) and Whitelist-Blacklist-Blocker (to block you from accidentally visiting them). You can edit the lists to suit your own preferences. The "about" file in the folder gives sources for where much of the list came from, such as from Southern Poverty Law's list of hate groups, and Media Bias Fact Check's list of pseudoscience sites. Enjoy your better-quality web search results!

Content warning: This project isn't for childproofing the web, it's for adults who don't have time for nonsense. It does not generally block adult content. I am not responsible for the content of the urls in the list. Many of them are harmless time-wasters, but many others have disturbing content, so I do not recommend recklessly visiting them.
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