Theri There

Theri There is a comic about therianthropes and otherkin, real people who identify as creatures other than human. It's written and drawn by me, Orion Scribner, plus a few scripts and comics by guests. I started the comic in 2005, and ran it weekly for about a year. Fans have made some pages of the comic available in Russian, Portuguese, and Spanish translations.

Table of Contents

A thumbnail of a bicyclist. 2005-09-04: "Biking reminds me of flying..."
(Portuguese) (Russian) (Spanish)

2005-09-05: "And it's down the hall, that way." (Russian) (Spanish)

2005-09-12: "That person has wings!" (Russian) (Spanish)

2005-09-19: "Sometimes when you're typing..." (Spanish)

2005-09-26: "Why is this comic called Theri There?" (Spanish)

2005-10-13: Introduction to phantom limbs (Portuguese) (Spanish)

2005-10-10: Iron (Spanish)

2005-10-17: Fairy tale (Spanish)

2005-10-24: "In what way are you a wolf?" (Portuguese) (Russian) (Spanish)

2005-10-31: Halloween (Spanish)

2005-11-07: "I really ought to..."

2005-11-14: "Watch out for kitsune..."

2005-11-21: Balance

2005-12-12: Take that curse from you

2005-12-19: Guest comic by Lauren: Holidays

2005-12-26: Guest comic by Lauren: Inner World (Russian)

2006-01-02: How do you draw what can't be seen?

2006-01-09: Preliminary sketch

2006-01-23: Defining otherkin

2006-02-13: Food (Russian)

2006-02-26: Wolf in a human body (Russian)

2006-03-21: Soul machine

2006-03-27: Teacup

2006-05-01: Costume party

2006-07-03: What if there was a book about otherkin?

2006-07-17: Mirror

2006-08-10: Shift key

2006-08-25: Comfortable perch

2006-08-26: Unicorn horns

2006-08-27: Dichotomy of good and evil

2006-08-28: Does your therianthropy motivate you?

2006-10-29: Happy Samhain

2006-11-06: A bigger picture

2007-01-27: Existential morning radio

2007-02-03: Portrayals of death

2007-04-02: What animal would you be?

2007-04-16: Guest comic by Seiryuu Kami

2007-09-28: Guest script by Lupa: Perils of p-shifting

2008-01-05: A simpler life

2008-06-03: Easier names

2008-06-09: Exposing one's soul

2011-07-29: If you could be any animal, reprise

A thumbnail of a dinosaur reading a book. 2016-05-19: Into books

A thumbnail of a yellow dragon alighting on a cliff. 2018-04-20: Flap flap

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