Otherkin and therianthropes

Some real people think of themselves as other than human. People who identify as creatures from mythology call themselves otherkin. People who identify as animals call themselves therianthropes. Sometimes people use the word "otherkin" to include animal people, too. If this idea is new to you, please read A Simple Introduction to Otherkin and Therianthropes. It's short.

I'm Orion Scribner, and I have been active in the communities of therianthropes and otherkin for more than ten years. I created a variety of resources for therianthropes and otherkin.

Non-fiction about otherkin and therianthropes
I wrote several non-fiction books and articles about them, which you can read on this site. The books include a community history, a lexicon of their jargon, and a couple of bibliographies.

Theri There
I also made a realistic comic about therianthropes and otherkin, called Theri There.

Otherkin News
I currently run a blog about current events relevant to therianthropes and otherkin, called Otherkin News.

If any of my reference books were helpful to you in a project for school, a book you were writing, or your own personal journey, please help me out a little, in return.