Other places

I am active on several social blogging web-sites. You can currently find me in the following places:
  • My user-name is "frameacloud" in Livejournal. I use that account to maintain other blogs there, including Otherkin News and Theri There. I regularly kept a personal blog there for many years, but I've since taken most of it down, and moved my blogging to Dreamwidth.
  • I'm "frameacloud" in Dreamwidth. This is where I maintain my main personal blog, these days. Sometimes I make public posts that are news about my various projects, such as my art, writing, cartooning, and other stuff that I do. Most of my blog posts aren't public, because I am most at ease when bouncing ideas off of friends.
  • I'm "frameacloud" in Tumblr. I don't use it as much, but sometimes I use it to have conversations with other people. 
  • I'm "frameacloud" in Twitter. That's my public account. I use it to announce news about my site and other creative projects.
  • I'm "frameacloud" in Patreon. Patreon is an art patronage system, through which you can support me in making more art. By chipping in a little bit, you show your appreciation for my writing and artwork. That will also help me pay my bills, so that I can keep producing more writing and art. Anybody who donates $2 gets access to patron-only content in my blog on Patreon. 

Although I am active on several social web-sites, I prefer e-mail instead of private messages or public posts. E-mail is always the best way to reach me.