This comic is a satire on a sexist and fatphobic industry, and I don't believe this is how anybody really feels about trying to buy clothes. Transcript:

The heading of the comic says "What clothing designers think women say." Three feminine women are shopping for clothes. The woman in yellow says happily, "I love it when the tag has a size that's smaller than it really is. It makes me feel skinnier, and that's the only good feeling!"

The woman in pink says with glee, "What I like even better is when the sizes are labeled with completely random numbers, so I get to spend aaaalll week shopping to find one pair of jeans that fits!"

The woman in lavender exclaims in disgust, "Ugh! Ew!"

Yellow asks with concern, "Oh no, what is it??"

Pink is a little scared.

Putting her hand to her forehead in a melodramatic gesture of despair, Lavender wails, "These jeans I found! I thought they were perfect until I noticed-- THEY HAVE POCKETS!"

Yellow says, "Oh how horrid, I hate clothes with pockets! They make my figure look bulkier!" Pink offers with helpful concern, "I'm so sorry you saw something so awful. Here, these pants are good: they have FAKE POCKETS!"

The moment that Lavender sees the pants that have fake pockets, her eyes brim with tears of joy. She hurls the first jeans aside, clutches her hands beneath her chin like they do in vintage ads for kitchenware, and cries, "Oh my God I LOVE fake pockets!!!"

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