car dream
This is all the text in the image:

This is an ugly car I test drove in a dream last night. I twas a promotional prototype tie-in for a movie about a submarine that was an ark full of rare plants and reptiles, so the car's back seat was a terrarium. Every design element was ill-considered and unsafe, even for the snakes. Orion Scribner, 2020-11-23.

[The rest of these are captions on individual parts of this car]

Some of these twiddly bits [on the back end] may have had a purpose, but i think having a rear bumper is more important. The engine is in back. The trunk opens to the sides, above it, and smells of exhaust fumes.

Deadly overhead storage.

Not aerodynamic in the slightest.

I hated the stupid smooshed in hood. It's supposed to look like that. There's a sticker in the back window asking, "Please use the terraria only to display snakes that are educational and not just cute." What does that mean?? No emerald tree boas allowed?? Don't they get too hot in the parking lot anyway?? If I crack a window for air, the snakes could get out??

Running boards?? Mercy, it was full of design elements that have been phased out of automobiles over the past century for good reasons.

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