About me: Please call me Orion Scribner. I used to go by a different name. I write from research and draw comics and illustrations. I have been active in the otherkin and therianthrope communities for more than ten years. I run a current events blog called Otherkin News.

About this site: This site is where I put my writing, artwork, and comics. I wrote several books about otherkin, including a history book of the community, called the Otherkin Timeline. I wrote and illustrated a comic about therianthropy called Theri There. I have a small art portfolio here. I tag all my stuff with content warnings as needed.

Pronouns: Themself.

Contact by email:

Places: I am active on several social blogging web-sites. Here's a list of other places where you can find me.

Support: If you like the things I make, then let's get symbiotic! There are several ways that you can support me in return for cool stuff from me. For one thing, anybody who donates $2 to my Patreon gets access to patron-only content.